attracted to men sexually, repelled by men emotionally

1/3 paragraphs done for the short essay due Sunday night hell yeah I’m doing gr8.

My opinion of myself is that I’m hella cute and that will probs not be changing anytime soon js

I had a dream that I had sex with someone last night and their dick was small and they didn’t know how to use it and it was just terrible

Why do some guys assume big dick = very satisfying.

No. Wrong. So wrong.


I told this person I would be deleting their messages/not responding anymore because I don’t have time for childish behavior but this was too perfect. <3 

Previous messages said things like “beautiful” and “gorgeous” to describe my physical features but when I expressed my discomfort with comments based on my physical appearance this person proceeded to say that I am rude, (and it seemed like they thought I was ungrateful as well).

As you can see here, it has escalated to calling me a “fat whale”. I suppose this is supposed to be a negative commentary, but:

A) being fat is great - I’m going to have a nice protective layer for the cold Michigan winter we will (probably) have.
B) whales are hella awesome and one of my favorite animals.

So thanks for the compliment :)

Almost yoga time!


Follow me, don’t follow me. I don’t cry at night either way.

How many times and in how many places on my blog do I have to say I don’t like comments based on my physical appearance before people actually get it.