Via my simblr I’ve heard reports of people doing the ASL ice challenge on their PETS, which can seriously stress out and potentially injure them, not to mention it’s just cruel and unnecessary.

A) I hope these reports are false or exaggerated
B) if they aren’t, people are not taking this seriously enough.


pro tip: just go ahead and study vosotros it’s better to know and be prepared and not need it than to need it and have never studied because “only spain uses it” and be kinda screwed

Unless you get a college prof like I did who had a vendetta against Spain-Spanish and would mark you wrong if you used it because that’s always fun

ALS info - you should definitely add this link to any ice bucket challenge video you post for people interested in learning more about the disease rather than the ice

I refuse to be guilt-tripped into donating money to something.

I will donate to what I want to, when I want to.

People are paying more attention to the ice part of the ALS challenge than they are to ALS

Dear Next Generation Christians,

Did y’all just completely forget about the whole 10% of your income tithe thing or have you just decided to ignore it?

how many people do you think would be jumping over themselves to dump a bucket of ice over their head in order to spread awareness for transgender teenagers?

I broke and got the GOTG soundtrack ❤️❤️❤️

"Drama queen" is yet another phrase used to stifle a girl’s (or woman’s) anger, sadness, and fear.

So worth thirty bucks