Take a fucking picture already - it’ll last longer you creeps.

I get to see Jekyll and Hyde next week omg I’m so excited 👍😁

As long as no one ever calls any f x f relationships I have “lesbian” relationships, it’ll be all good.

I’m not a lesbian - don’t fuck with my sexuality.




There is a looooooot wrong with this one. 

It doesn’t matter how politely you ask, as soon as you say things like “I’m not a creep” or “I’ll make you squirt,” you’re just an idiot with no idea how to get laid and is probably worse in bed than you think.

Also, does anyone else hate it when guys are like “I’ll make you squirt” not just because its sleazy but also because not all girls can squirt, they dont even bother asking can you or do you want to they just say it like theyre gonna do us a big favour.

Im just like “good luck with that”
But maybe thats just me!!

^^no I definitely agree with that. Like squirting

A) not that big of a deal

B) not a universal vaginal quality

C) not a measure of someone’s sexual prowess.

Over $100 of my paycheck goes to the government. Really not okay with that. Like why the fuck am I putting money into the broken social security system.

There’s this really simple concept called “don’t force your beliefs on other people” that literally no one seems to understand.


"do you have a message for the fans?"

I’m mostly just annoyed that because my college can’t get it’s shit together, I’m now stressed because I don’t know if I have enough gas to get there and back tomorrow plus Saturday plus going to work every day plus I have shit to do for my mom AND OH YEAH I HAVE A GEOLOGY CLASS TO HOPEFULLY NOT FAIL.


How is one supposed to function after watching that movie.

Off to wallow in my cassia x milo feels